Consistency,the broker of life.

Consistency means that,doing a particular work continuously for a long period of time which is either beneficial or harmful for you and for your entire life as well.
It depends on you what you what you choose to live you life in which way.
Most people dreams and everyone wants to be successful,you can't find any person who is ready to say that i don't want to be successful till the rest o my life.

But most importantly no one is able or willing to pay the price for it which it take to be successful.

Discipline,Which comes from consistency.

Everyone want to live their life successfully but don't want to sacrifice their comfort zone,they want to be successful while living in their comfort zone.

There is a famous saying about success that,
if you want to be successful then you mus have to step out from your comfort zone.

Now a question arises here that if consistency is everything then how to develop it in our lives..??
The answer is as similar as simple that we all can develop …

Life demands to be lived

"Hope demands to be hoped"Life is what something you can't dream of,and you can't predict it anyhow,there are a lot of various factors and a lot of criteria of life which are responsible for it's living and for it's ongoing process. everyone hopes something in his life at most of the time,everyone has their dreams in their lives which they want to fullfill and live in their lives,some are a good dreamer,some are good person to dream good,and some are ready to take whatever it takes to fullfill their dreams at any cost,
The most painful pain is the break down of your dreams and it get extremely non bearable when you can't find any hope for further life.yes,break down of hope and dreams..!!
The most important thing is that at time there is no person with us who can support us or listen to us,that phase is called extreme loneliness because you don't have your drams and you don't have hope to live etc.
Well,Bollywood's most decorated and a real actor …

Time demands to be passed

When life gives you lemon,make lemonade 
Life,starts from the day we are born,and ends on that day when our heart/brains stops functioning as well as body,technically. But life also at that pints of time when you lose hopes,dreams,people,and everything,because from the day we are born till now and for the remaining future it's all about these all things which are connected to us,either they are people,friends,dreams,or anything.
One looses it,or let it pass away and regret in future,that they didn't lived their live when it is necessary or when they have everything,people realise each and everything at that time when they either lose everything or when those all things just passed away.
Similar to it,my life is also like others because unfortunately i am also among people who are surviving in this planet,with the same feelings,emotions,thoughts etc. yeah,just the difference is the change in the way of thinking even everyone has this thing,i guess..
Today,suddenly i was at a place i…

Fucked up in life..

"When you are ready to smash the bowl,life bowls you a no ball"

Life is a ideological criteria of living in which a person,follows it's desire but ended up at life's place..

When you think that you have planned you living and everything needs just a tart to fly,
suddenly life and luck which are unfortunately against me or most of the people,most of the time makes a plan to fuck you as hard as they can.

I just completed my high schools and planned to go to other state for my graduation,evrything was sorted after a lot of hard work and research,everything was set but suddenly here life starts playing the game,
sometime i feel that when ever i am in trouble or in any problem then some where life and god both are sitting together and cheers to me.

Well,shaashwat is going with me there for pursuing the same course in the same college,
as we said between us that e both are two tyres of a vehicle,if one changes it's direction then the other come along with it..and yeah ob…

Deal with Break-up

The thought and the idea are from the book named as:-
               "Why We Love The Way We Do"
                                                      -Preeti Shenoy
The thought and idea are similar to most people,people feels this emotions the most.

A broken heart is a fragile thing...
There simply is no quick fix to deal with a broken heart.
When you have a fall and twist an ankle,what it needs is rest.You need to est the foot,not put any weight on it,prop it up,give it hot and cold compress.
In time,the body generates new cells and the ankle stops hurting.
Heartbreak is like an emotional fall.You cannot see the injuries,but you are hurt..!!

In order to heal you need to rest,as in the case of ankle you wouldn't deny the pain and start walking.If you did,you would risk injuring it further.

Similarly with heartbreak,if you try and pretend that noting is wrong,you might make things worse in the long run.

There are several things that you can do which can help you to get ove…

Alone and guitar

Alone or being alone,
a thing or a word by which some or most of the people are scared one will accept it,but the moment when they are in the situation of loneliness that's where they get to feel that,and that's where they realise that how fucking bad they hate loneliness because those person has never been in the situation ever before.

Well talking about loneliness in the modern world or in this modern era of.

in a point of view by which everyone is alone deep down inside of them,they are just busy with people to hide that feeling from themselves because somehow
truth is a bitter thing an a dare to be to be lived with..

also there is another point of view that is that no on is alone in his wold today because of today's modernization..where everything/most of the thing is developed or developing, the era with world in our hands (or phones)

i m not going to give some lecture or anything about on this topic..because there are a lot of old mans and elder people out ther…

Dreams and life..!!

Dreams are such an asshole thing,that if u achieve them with happyness then your life is as just as heaven but if u didn't or missed them somehow..then u can't live your life in living the life way.
But sarcastically and unfortunately,dreams are beautiful to see..!!

I had read a line:-
Life without love is like a tree without it's blossoms and fruits..
                                                  - Kahlil gibran

Everyone thinks including me that love is necessary in any way of life,
but when the point comes on dreams then everything is fukin messed up if u r a person like who is always being fucked and messed up with life...
I always want to be alot of things and do a lot of things in my life as u can say that i want to be a multi tasker..
But when you go on the path of being a multi tasker who is successful that is,successful multi tasker..!!
I mean yeah,everyone wants to be successful,
no one will ever say that i want to be a failure for my entire life,some people are…